Nutrition Awareness Month

Nutrition Awareness Month

March is nutrition awareness month. This article discusses the importance your general health has on your overall oral health. What you eat has a huge impact on keeping your general health in order. We know that life gets in the way and it’s easy to have a million other things on your mind. It’s also […]

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A New Years means Straighter Teeth and Brighter Smiles

A New Year means Straighter Teeth and Brighter Smiles!

New year, new you, right? At the beginning of a new year, we always love to hear the new year dental resolutions of our patients. For 2019, we think it is all about straighter teeth and brighter smiles. But straightening your teeth goes beyond just the aesthetic value; it’s an integral part of your body’s […]

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Is Your Husband Stubborn about seeing the Dentist?

Is Your Husband Being Stubborn about Seeing the Dentist?

Do you have a hard time getting your husband to stop being stubborn about seeing the dentist every 6-10 months? Does your husband actually book his appointments and just blow them off? Unfortunately, having difficulty getting your husband to go to the dentist is much more common than you may think. About three in four […]

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Helpful Tips for Managing Your Dental Anxiety

Helpful Tips for Managing Your Dental Anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are certainly not alone! Dental anxiety is way more common in people than not. Drs. Plant and Tour certainly do everything they can to make sure all of their clients and patients feel at complete ease during their appointments and procedures. At Limoges Dental Centre, managing your dental […]

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limoges dental centre - best dental hygiene tips - best dental tips for the entire family

Dental Care Tips for the Family

As we approach another fall season filled with caramel dipped apples, pumpkin spiced ‘everything’ and bags of Halloween candy, you may be looking for ways to properly look after your teeth. Well, Limoges Dental Centre has a few dental care tips to maintain perfect hygiene for infants, children and adults. Dental Care Tips for your […]

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Limoges Dental Centre - Back to School Dental Tips - Dental Tips for Kids

Back to School Dental Tips for Kids

Are you looking for back to school dental tips for your kids? Well, here they are! The summer has flown by and you and your kids are all ready for back to school in many senses. You have endured the back to school shopping crowds to get new outfits, the perfect backpack and all the […]

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How to Prevent Bad Breath - Limoges Dental Centre -

How To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is embarrassing. Whether you suffer from chronic halitosis or just tend to have bad breath, know you are not alone. In fact, 1 in 4 people globally suffer from chronic halitosis! In most cases, the trouble stems from bacteria growth in the gums and tongue. So, is there any way to prevent bad […]

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limoges dental centre - diet for healthy teeth - summer - ottawa

What is the Best Diet for Healthy Teeth?

“What is the best diet for healthy skin?” “What is the best diet for anxiety?” “What is the best diet for weight loss?” Everyone is dying to know “the best diet.” Finding the perfect solution to achieve optimal health is a relevant and trending topic these days. But finding the best diet for healthy teeth […]

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regular adult dental appointments - limoges dental centre - ottawa dentistry

Why Are Regular Adult Dental Appointments Important?

You are responsible for booking your own adult dental appointments. Your schedule doesn’t always allow you to proactively plan your next check up, so unfortunately your dental hygiene often slips through the cracks.

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