Is Your Husband Being Stubborn about Seeing the Dentist?

Do you have a hard time getting your husband to stop being stubborn about seeing the dentist every 6-10 months? Does your husband actually book his appointments and just blow them off? Unfortunately, having difficulty getting your husband to go to the dentist is much more common than you may think.

About three in four adults admit to experiencing dental anxiety ranging from just a little to being absolutely terrified of going to the dentist. Many studies state that women tend to be more anxious than men about dental appointments however women more commonly admit it, and talk about their dental anxiety.  Unfortunately, your husbands don’t.

There are a lot of theories out there of men fearing the dentist ranging from:

  • A ‘lack of control’ during their appointment,
  • fear of pain  or injections,
  • the sounds in the office,
  • to even having to lay down in a dental chair for a certain period of time.

Whatever the case may be, men tend to blow off their dentist appointment and avoid this conversation altogether. Avoiding your dental appointments can only go on for so long before it becomes a serious oral hygiene problem. This is why it drives wives so crazy when their husbands are too stubborn to go to their dental appointment! So we’ve decided to put a little list together that may help getting your stubborn husband to go to the dentist.

Try talking to them about their fears

If you feel your husband has legitimate anxiety about going to the dentist, ask him to talk about his fear with you. If it’s the fear of experiencing pain while in the dental chair, talk to him about the different methods dentists use during bigger dental procedures. Limoges takes the time to walk their patients through their procedures, especially if they are feeling nervous.

Try putting emphasis on the dental issue

If there is a specific reason why you want your husband to visit the dentist– simply focus on that. The reason could be as small as bad breath, yellow teeth, swollen gums, needs a dental cleaning, etc. You could even play the ‘sexy card’! They’d be more attractive to you if their breath didn’t stink, if they had a beautiful pearly white smile, if their gums were nice and healthy. Be sure they’re aware that your concerns are much bigger than their overall appearance and that this concern is to protect their overall oral dental hygiene!

Try talking dollars

Men love to blow off dental appointments because of the costs tied to it so we’re sure your husband loves to use this excuse with you. Ironically though, the longer they blow of their regular check-ups or a serious dental issue, the cost only increases from there. Out of site out of mind is not in your financial best interest when it comes to dental problems. A small filling is far less costly than an entire root canal. If you and your husband have dental insurance, then he is simply wasting money by blowing off his appointments.

Finally, just schedule the appointment for him

Your husband may actually just have a hard time remembering to call and book an appointment for himself. So take it upon yourself and just schedule the appointment for him! They will most likely be way more inclined to go if you just give them the exact date and time they need to be at the dentist office. If he still gives you a hard time after the appointment has been made, be sure to remind him that it will still cost him money if he blows the appointment off!

So, be sure to give us a call this month to book your husbands in for their dental appointments before the holidays begin or for when we return in the new year. We look forward to seeing all of your husbands so they can continue putting their best smiles forward!


*we use the term ‘husband’ to describe all lacklustre stubborn spouses who refuse to go to the dentist.

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