Back to School Dental Tips for Kids

Are you looking for back to school dental tips for your kids? Well, here they are!

The summer has flown by and you and your kids are all ready for back to school in many senses. You have endured the back to school shopping crowds to get new outfits, the perfect backpack and all the required school supplies (and probably a little extra!). Your family has worked out before and after school care, school transportation and extracurricular activities. You may have even discussed certain safety measures like properly crossing the road on the walk to school and not talking to strangers. If you have checked any of these tasks off your back-to-school list, you are certainly on the right track. But talking to your family about the importance of maintaining proper dental health, even throughout the busy school year, is crucial. A healthy mouth produces a healthy smile, something your child is certain to have during the coming school year!

This blog post will discuss four key back to school dental tips for kids this school year. Sharing this list with your kids and emphasizing the importance of a healthy mouth is an important way to get your family on board and ready for the new year.

Back To School Dental Tip #1: Visit the Dentist Before School Starts

The best way to start the school year on the right foot is to start the year with a trip to the dentist. Dr. Plant and the team can make sure your teeth, gums and tongue are all in tip-top shape before the chaos of back to school. If any dental work, like a cavity filling, needs to be done, you can have it done before school starts to avoid any school absences to early in the year. Do your kids a favour and book a dental check-up with our team before sending them off to school this fall.

Back to School Dental Tip #2: Pick Healthy School Snacks

Parents, we’re looking at you! As the family members responsible for grocery shopping and meal-prepping, it is crucial to set your child up for oral health success by arming them with healthy, teeth-friendly snacks for their school day. Easy snacks like carrots and celery, cheese sticks, apples and yogurt are kid-friendly and provide a ton of necessary vitamins for oral health. For more tooth-friendly snacks ideas, read this blog post of ours.

Back To School Dental Tip #3: Use Proper a Mouthguard for Sports

With back to school comes back to sports. Sports tend to start back up in the early fall, and while your kids are most likely thrilled, some sports can be dangerous for your child’s dental health. For sports like football, rugby, lacrosse and hockey, make sure your child wears a custom-fit mouthguard to protect their pearly whites. Mouth-guards help to protect against broken teeth and other injuries to the gums, lips and jaw. Luckily for your family, our team specializes in creating custom-fit mouth-guards that fit comfortably and offer the best protection for your smile!

Back To School Dental Tip #4: Keep Up a Regular Brushing & Flossing Routine

Routine is the key to success, especially when it comes to kids and their oral health. Pick a specific time in your kids’ morning and night routines to incorporate a regular brushing and flossing practice. Start by explaining to your child how important it is to brush and floss each day, and then show them how it’s done! Do not let the rushed mornings before school or the late homework-filled nights take priority over their oral health. Once your kids start to incorporate it into their everyday routines, brushing and flossing will become second nature!

Looking for more inspiration on how to get your kids excited about dental care? Read this blog post, or simply contact our team to discuss any concerns or potential strategies. Did you know Dr. Plant specializes in kids dentistry? She is always happy to discuss kids dentistry and the importance of oral health.

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