How To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is embarrassing. Whether you suffer from chronic halitosis or just tend to have bad breath, know you are not alone. In fact, 1 in 4 people globally suffer from chronic halitosis! In most cases, the trouble stems from bacteria growth in the gums and tongue. So, is there any way to prevent bad breath? Read ahead to learn a few strategies to help you say goodbye to bad breath for good, while promoting an better overall oral hygiene.

Brush and Floss

There is a reason your dentist is adamant about regular brushing and flossing. This tip is simple but often not utilized. Make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, everyday to remove plaque and food debris. Using baking soda or a baking soda-based toothpaste is crucial in eliminating bad breath because it reduces acidity and makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow. Floss at least once a day to remove food debris from between the teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach. When food debris remains between the teeth, bacteria thrives and causes bad breath. Taking a few minutes out of your day each day to prioritize your brushing and flossing routine will significantly decrease your severity of, and prevent bad breath.

Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that removes any build-up on the tongue. Cleaning your tongue removes the dirt coated on the tongue, teeth and mouth that allow bacteria to thrive and eventually lead to halitosis. To properly scrape your tongue, purchase a tongue scraper, which is usually very inexpensive from your pharmacy.

Snack On Crunchy Vegetables

Crunchy vegetables like carrots and celery help maintain a good oral hygiene and prevent bad breath. First, snacking on fresh veggies increases your saliva production between meals, which helps to eliminate bacteria buildup. These crunchy vegetables also work like floss; they can loosen up food debris from between the teeth.


The age old solution to many health-related problems: drink more water! Drinking an optimal amount of water (about eight 8 ounce glasses a day) washes away food particles and bacteria and helps you avoid dry mouth. The many other health benefits like clear skin and increased energy are simply bonuses!

Visit Your Dentist

Of course, one of the most important aspects of good oral health is your regular trip to the dentist. If you have chronic bad breath, visit Limoges Dental Centre as soon as possible so we can rule out any serious dental problems and create a strategy for you. Our team will help you prevent bad breath.

Bad breath and halitosis is common – but it doesn’t have to be! Call our team today to discuss any concerns and create a plan to move towards a life of fresh breath.

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